Using Notepads

Each note created in StickyNotePages is part of a Notepad. The Notepad contains details of all the notes from all three pages of StickyNotePages.  

Adobe Connect automatically saves all content in each room. For example, if you make notes in a weekly meeting, they will still be there the next time the room is opened (unless you actively delete them). 

Having said that, you may find there are occasions where you would like to use the content from your Notepad elsewhere, perhaps to prepare a presentation or for another meeting. There are two ways to take a Notepad away from the StickyNotePages session you are currently using:

1. Anyone with a cloud account can save the Notepad from a StickyNotePages session for later use, and load it into another StickyNotePages session whenever you choose.  Cloud accounts are created and allocated by the StickyNotePages licence holder.

2. If you are using the Adobe Connect Add-In, you also have the option of downloading the Notepad as a CSV file.