Settings (Host only)

Host users have additional options above and beyond those which appear to a Participant or Presenter user. These are shown in the menu below: 

General settings

Page settings

Show note creators and latest editors:  This option will display the details of users who have created and edited notes to all users. This includes notes which are in the Closed Notes page.

Round corners: This option is switched on by default. If you would prefer your StickyNotes to have square edges, untick this option.

Show tooltips: The Host has the option of turning both the hover over/pop up and bottom bar tooltips off if the wish.

CSV Format: Hosts can decide what format any export of notes will be provided in. Currently the choices are in Excel or Unix formats. Users who choose to download the notes from StickyNotePages will receive the file in the chosen format.

Settings permissions: Hosts can choose to remove the settings button for presenters, preventing them from adjusting all of the options described on this page.

Export permissions: Hosts have the option to restrict who can download the notepad to their computer in .csv format. Options are: 'Host only', Host and Presenters', or 'Everyone'

Save/open permissions: Hosts have the option to restrict who can save and load notepads from the cloud.

Show help/about: Hosts can choose to hide the 'About' and 'Help' buttons that usually appear in the bottom right corner of the pod for all users.

Note colour picker: Hosts can set what note colouring options are available to all users. The colours chosen here will be available in the note colour drop down when editing a note.

Page Title: The Host has the option of setting more meaningful titles for the three pages of notes available in StickyNotePages. These can be changed at any time.

Page visible: activating this option will hide the page from the list of available pages for all users. To restore the page simply go into settings and deselect this option.

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Background: Backgrounds can be set for each page individually. Using the background drop down box you can choose from a selection of useful predefined backgrounds, provide your own image or use the handy tool to create your own custom table on the fly. The default backgrounds available are:
  • One Week
  • Month by week
  • Month by day
  • Kanban 
Custom table properties: By selecting 'Custom table' from the Background drop down box you can add rows and columns to your custom background simply by giving them names in the Row/Column names box one per line. Set the width of columns and rows by adding the widths in pixels to the appropriate boxes.
Consider the screen resolutions of your participants when defining table dimensions.

Custom image properties: By selecting 'Custom image' in the Backgrounds drop-down you can provide an image to act as background for the page.
Paste the URL for your image into the 'Image URL' text box or click the 'Connect content' button to select an image from your Adobe Connect Content Library.
You can define image width and height if you wish - leaving these values at 0 will maintain the original size and shape of the image.

Connect content: Instead of using an image URL for your page background you can also use an image stored in your Adobe Connect content library by clicking the 'Connect content' button. You will be prompted to log in using your Adobe Connect system credentials, NOT your NotePad Cloud account. Once logged in you will be able to browse either your 'My Content' or 'Shared Content' using the buttons on the left.
All images available in your library will be listed together - the folder system will not be replicated in StickyNotePages.

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