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Editing the page location

There are two ways to move a note to a different page, using the page button control, or dragging the note to the page name in the page accordion.

To move a note to a different page, first you must select - single click (click once) to select a note, the note highlight will turn green.

note green mode
Dragging a note to a different page
A note can also be moved to a different page using drag and drop - click on the note to select it (green halo will appear around the note), and then "drag it" over the desired page name / tab at the bottom of the app.   

When a note is hovering over a page correctly the accordion tab will glow green (page 2 in the picture below).  
Drop the note here and it will be moved to that page.

Using the page button control
In the toolbar at the top of the StickyNotePages app, use the Page drop-down menu to change the location of the note.

nb.  Pages are automatically named page 1, page 2 and page 3.   

If the pages have been renamed by the Host, the names used for each page will be shown instead of the default names.