Closed Notes Page

Closed notes are not deleted - they are stored in case they may be needed again later. To view, just click on the Closed Notes page.

The details of all the closed note are shown in list form.

If there are a lot of closed notes, you can resize the columns and re-order them to locate the one you are looking for more easily. 

closed notes sort

Restoring a note

To restore a note, select it by clicking anywhere on the line to highlight it green, then click 'Restore'.  

The note will disappear from the Closed Notes page and return to its original location. 

Pod Rest

The 'Pod Reset' button is located in the bottom right corner of the Closed Notes page.

The pod reset button will wipe all content from your current session including notes, layouts and backgrounds and then create a fresh instance of StickyNotePages ready for you to use again. Once this button has been clicked and the popup confirmed there is no way to recover the notepad that have been reset, so please make sure you have saved or exported the session if you want to reuse it.