Cloud Account Management

Cloud account holders are able to save all the notes from a StickyNotePages session to their Cloud Account, and load them back into any other StickyNotePages session at a later date. 

The "Product Licences" page shows how many of your cloud accounts are currently used for each licence, and allows you to create or associate existing cloud accounts to one of your licences quickly and easily. The same cloud account can be associated with many different licences, it needs to be associated with at least one relevant product licence for the cloud account to be active.

Creating a Cloud Account

First go to  to manage your licences and select the product licences tab

Once you have found the correct row containing the desired licence, click on the manage tab to manage that licence from this page you can change details such as forcing password expiry and adding and removing cloud accounts from the licence. 

Click on "Add new account" link either at the bottom or on the sidebar.

Simply fill out the details for the new cloud account and click submit. If the cloud account is new, it will be created and associated with this licencee. If a cloud account already exists but is new to this licence, the cloud account will be associated with your licence but the cloud account would retain its original password. If the cloud account is all ready associated with the licence then nothing will happen.